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Chernobyl today 2018 Pripyat

What id Chernobyl today ?

April 26 is the anniversary of one of the most terrible technogenic catastrophes in the history of mankind - the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The station was named after the city, 15 km from which it was built. But Chernobyl, whose name has now become synonymous with trouble, rarely became a hero of media reports. 112.ua continues to travel through the cities and towns of Ukraine, and this time went to the territory of the 30-kilometer exclusion zone to see how in 31 years after the disaster there lives a city that is shielded from the world by a "thorn".  Read more: http://chernobylplace.com/chernobyl-2018/

The territory of the exclusion zone is 2.6 thousand square meters. km. This is equivalent to the territory occupied by the smallest state in the US - Rhode Island or the entire Duchy of Luxembourg. The length of the perimeter is 439 km. On the border with Belarus - 155 km. The length of the perimeter overland is 402 km, along the water - 37 km. The total length of the roads is 536 km. The number of bridges is 12 (10 - road, 1 - railway, 1 - overpass). The total length of the river network is 260 km, of which Pripyat is 60 km. Checkpoints in the zone - 9, control and dosimetry points - 5.

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