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March 3rd, 2018

Chernobyl tour 2018

Everyone can visit today in the famous ghost to
wn. This is a little more difficult than going to Kiev, the territory of 30 kilometers around is still considered a closed Zone, but getting there is easy, and the trip will not be more dangerous than the hour flight on the plane. What I will tell in this report is my personal experience, you may have it a little different, but it's better to really see it once. I wanted to Chernobyl ten years ago, but for some reason I postponed it, I was afraid of radiation and did not find an excuse. Conclusion - in vain, the further, the less remains, nature takes its, buildings are destroyed, artifacts disappear. So, let's go!

2 checkpoint "Dityatki." The boundary between the living and the dead, the gates of the Zone of Alienation. Through this point of admission to the Zone all those who go to it legally fall. If you are not an employee of the nuclear power plant (and it still works!), Then most likely the only way to get to Pripyat is to buy a tour for one or two days. It is worth it, taking into account the road from Kiev and back, the registration of documents, lunch and overnight stay is 100-150 dollars, and most of it is taken by the Zone itself for processing documents. Ukrainians are much cheaper than foreigners. I can not recommend a guide, since I went privately with friends: for two of us with Dasha we paid about 10 thousand rubles for a one-day tour.
At the entrance there is an information and souvenir stall of one of the tourist companies. What to choose - decide for yourself, study sites and reviews, share in the comments.

4 There are strict rules for visiting the Exclusion Zone, and the program itself is clearly marked on paper. Step to the side - you get the risk of expulsion for the territory. They say that sometimes you can retreat from them, but the main thing is not to get into the eyes of other groups: otherwise the guide will get very bad, and tourists will not find it very much: competitors compete with pleasure on each other.

5 Another outpost, already 10 kilometers from the Chernobyl station. Here the police check the route sheet, check that everything is in order and let in. Then everything begins. Looking ahead, I'll write that the Zone is much more lively than it might seem at first glance, and Chernobyl itself is a habitable city with shops and cafes. Inhabited, but very strange. The next story will be just about why people still live here, and what kind of life it is after a nuclear catastrophe.

6 This sign welcomed visitors to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant of Lenin, now the letters were removed and only the torch remained. I do not advise you to stop here even for a minute: a rusted stele with a torch is one of the most polluted places in the Chernobyl Zone, located in the Red Forest. Its trees took on the largest dose of radioactive dust emission during the explosion in 1986, their crowns turned brownish red. Later the trees died, and at night a glow was observed at this place. (according to legends and bikes, there really was not anything there)
Radiation is a terrible thing, and many are afraid to go here, fearing consequences. The trouble is that it is not visible. Walking in a quiet place can be dangerous. So, let's go further.

7 The Pripyat entry sign. Left to the residential part of the city, directly or to the right - to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The city itself Chernobyl stayed aside. He has nothing to do with the disaster, although he was inside the Zone after the accident. Why is the station Chernobyl, and not Pripyatskaya? Always interested. It began to be built earlier than the satellite city, and was named simply by the name of the district, the center of which is Chernobyl. To not get up twice, we will discuss another myth: what kind of name is CHERNOBYL? Black happenings? A curse? Those who do not believe in conspiracy theory will reply that this is simply the Ukrainian name of wormwood, abundantly growing here. The more impressionable will remember the Holy Scripture, where the wormwood is the symbol of the Lord's punishments: among the ancient Jews, the plant is referred to as a synonym for poison, bitterness or curse. In the New Testament, in the Revelation of John the Theologian, the "wormwood" is the fallen star or the angel:

The third angel sounded, and a big star fell from the sky, burning like a lamp, and fell on a third of the rivers and springs of water. Name this star "wormwood"; and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many of the people died from the waters, because they became bitter.
And here it is possible not to believe in mysticism at all, but the result of the reactor explosion was, among other things, pollution of water systems not only in the vicinity, but also in many parts of Europe. So think for yourself whether this is a coincidence or not.
8 We step into the streets of the city, which has become a symbol of bitterness and sorrow.

9 For thirty years Pripyat has been stuck in Groundhog Day. Time has stopped forever in 1986, and this is for real. The Soviet Union did not collapse here, the Internet and satellite TV did not appear, and the stores had the same deficit as throughout the country in those same years. But then, in Pripyat, an exemplary Soviet city, there were no shortages of products.

10 The city is very heavily overgrown, behind trees and bushes can not even see what is written on the store's signboard. In summer there are absolutely impassable jungle: the real stone jungle is here!

11 But this is the Lenin Avenue, one of the main streets of a 50,000-strong city!

12 The twin tree sprouted through the sewer hatch and rushed to the sky. The tree grows in the courtyard of one of the schools: powerful, dense, about 15 meters in the outrigger.
13 One of the main official prohibitions is not to enter buildings. They say that this is dangerous and they can crash at any moment. But it is impossible to be here and walk only along the streets!

14 If you really want to, no one will interfere with entering the empty high-rise buildings. The most interesting - 16 storey high-rise buildings, they offer an excellent view. On those with coats of arms, it is better not to go: they are really in a very deplorable state, plus they are in the center, it's easier to "burn."

15 How gloriously lived in the eighty-sixth: no doorphones, no iron doors! Come in, comrade, openly! And the air conditioners did not hang on the facades, they just were not there. Although self-balconies glazing already started to indulge ...


17 Inside are very similar to the 16-story Moscow series, immediately there is a strange feeling. Such high residential buildings rarely come across abandoned in the territory of the former USSR, so you immediately feel that Pripyat is a special place.

18 Mailboxes ... yes in some houses and in residential entrances such!

19 For a building that has been empty for so many years, the order is almost perfect. Almost all residential buildings have entire elevators, no graffiti - graffiti can be found only in the center. They were made after the accident. I was lucky to find an apartment with whole batteries: today it is very rare, for the last 15 years the city has been badly plundered. But do you imagine how it was here in the early 2000s? All the whole!

20 People left their apartments for three days, not knowing that they would not be able to return home after thirty years.

21 In some apartments there are whole glass windows, but in others they are broken. But it's not about the vandals, they just have not reached many houses. Wind. Although the marauders went through the hurricane along the Pripyat some twenty years ago, most of the contents of the apartments were carried away by the liquidators of the accident: the furniture in the burial ground, some technical equipment stored in stores. The store "Rainbow" still has a warehouse of old plates, sideboards and grand pianos.

22 We rise to the top floor. We pass by the machine room. The door is open, the equipment is ripped, but not removed. Of the lift equipment, the copper winding of the motors was first extracted. In general, copper cables are the No. 1 target for marauders.

23 We leave on the roof of 16-storey building.

24 In good weather, the view of the nuclear power plant and the fourth power unit should be opened from here, but even in the fog one can not distinguish even the cities. But look, as thickets of its streets: click on the arrow to the right and compare with the photograph taken from exactly the same perspective in 1995.

25 We continue our walk along Pripyat. One of the most recognizable places, the corner of the store "Rainbow" with bright yellow telephone booths. And one of the earliest childhood memories of the Chernobyl tragedy: a TV picture with this house and the boxes crashed into memory forever. And the residential building where the store was located was called the "White House", because it housed the entire city elite, from the director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to the head of the railway station Yanov. 4-room apartment there is a private matter.

he advanced Soviet atomograd was abundantly decorated with all kinds of communist slogans. "He will be a robber, not a soldier." About this sign, too, is a bike that a day after the accident some joker climbed onto the roof and knocked down the first letter "a", why the inscription acquired a completely different meaning. Later, the whole inscription was "put" on the roof, but a few years ago, illegal "self-propelled" lifted the letters back.

27 Hotel Polesie in the central square of Pripyat, next to the recreation center "Energetik". Inside, little has been preserved. In general, in Pripyat it is more interesting to walk as far as possible from the center, there are much more chances to meet interesting artifacts, and not bare walls. The hotel, like some other facilities, continued its work for a long time after the accident: here lived the dosimetrists who were following the level of radiation in the city.

28 Stunning neon signs! I would like to see with my own eyes how they worked. If one ever invented a time machine, I would definitely return to Pripyat in 1985.

29 Graffiti with bears appeared on the building of the Palace of Culture "Energetik" recently, did not see it in other reports, real bears did not appear in the city, but flocks of wild boars regularly run around the city, sometimes wolves come in. Even in Pripyat, he often goes out to the guests, almost handmade, here is his portrait. "But the domestic kitty-dogs and the track were cold, although they were not taken out of the city, the residents were not allowed to take away their animals, all the favorites had to be left. They say that at some point s all shot ... truth or another Chernobyl myth? Who knows.

30 The catastrophe occurred a week before one of the main Soviet holidays, Labor Day. Workers of culture were preparing for it, printing and drawing posters for a demonstration. They remained standing in the corner "Energetika".

31 One day to travel to the Zone is very small, especially in winter, when the light day is short.

32 I was in the city for the first time, and I could not remember the names of all the objects. I do not remember what kind of building it is with beautiful mosaics, whether it's a club or a music school. Infrastructure in Pripyat was at an altitude, in the Soviet years, the comfort of scientists really cared for, therefore working at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and living in Pripyat was considered a great success, the best brains of the country came here.

33 Cinema "Prometheus" ... click on the arrow to the right, look how it looked in the 80's. Today the place is almost unrecognizable. From the fountain there was no trace, everything was overgrown with trees, and the sculpture of Prometheus from sin was moved to the territory of the nuclear power plant, thanks to this it was preserved to this day (click on the arrow again).

34 The famous amusement park with its yellow Ferris wheel was not as grandiose as I imagined. Even disappointed ... the rides there cat cried, except for the wheel and the motor-racing track there is only a carousel and a swing. The park is quite tiny, how would everyone fit in it? Devil's wheel was to open only on May 1, 1986, it was a gift for the holiday and did not have time to work. Here is another legend. In fact, on the wheel many could ride, and not free.

35 Attractions are very strong "fonts," iron collects all the radiation, so I do not advise you to linger in the park. Especially stand near the motor-racing track. I did not know about this, I was standing-photographed, but fellow travelers twitched me.

Later it turned out that the park is generally one of the most "dirty" places in Pripyat. Dirty in the center only in the square in front of the recreation center "Energetik" and the hotel "Polesie".

And in microdistricts there is surprisingly little radiation. The second most contaminated place within the city is the river wharf. We'll go there.

Buy a tour of Chernobyl and Pripyat here: http://chernobylplace.com/tour-to-chernobyl/

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